HLURU high pitch extension drum(8notes 6"),copper steel
HLURU high pitch extension drum (8notes 6"), copper steel

D5 E5 #F5 G5 A5 B5 #C6 D6.

Customizable(C5 major)
C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5.
Customizable(F5/G5 minor)
F4 bA4 bB4 C5 bE5 F5 bA5 bB5 / G4 bB4 C5 D5 F5 G5 bB5 C6.

This drum we designed it to raise the pitch by one octave compared with other ordinary steel tongue drums, making it ideal to play with a 15-note steel tongue drum to expand or improve its treble range. This drum shape is also patented in the US and EU (US Patent No. US D953412 S / EU Patent No. 008311799-0006).
Patent Certificate
US Patent No:US D953412 S          EU Patent NO:008311799-0006
High-quality steel tongue drum, made by Hluru
Hluru is a pioneer in the ethereal drum industry. We insists on only making high-quality steel tongue drums and selecting high-quality raw materials. After manual craftsmanship and attention to detail processing, it has won the trust and recognition of consumers with excellent quality, and has become one of the excellent steel tongue drum manufacturers in the industry.
The characteristic of wood and timbre

It is made of steel titanium alloy with corrosion resistance. Its five scale is simple and easy to learn. It does not need music theory knowledge, and you can also tap the rhythm to purify the soul with pure sound.
Recommended for people

This treble partner C key is the best choice for professional players, which can be played with 15 notes steel tongue drum. The timbre is clear and ethereal, and the progressive scale makes the music very charming.
Series description

Upgrade instructions
Electroplating and painting

Electroplating and painting can form a protective film on the surface of steel tongue drum, which is not easy to corrode and do not take off the paint. At the same time, it can also prolong the service life.
colorful colors

It has different colors, different texture paint, manual spray painting, moderate continuous sound .

Gross Weight

Inner Box Size


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