HLURU Handpan drum (9notes 14") , copper steel
HLURU Handpan drum (9notes 14") , copper steel

(D Kurd) D3 / A3 bB3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4. (AmaRa) #C3 / #G3 B3 #C4 #D4 E4 #F4 #G4 B4. (Harmonic inor) G3 / C4 D4 bE4 F4 G4 bA4 B4 C5. (Jue-Pentatonic) C3 / E3 G3 A3 C4 D4 E4 G4 A4. (Shang-Pentatonic) #C3 / #F3 #G3 B3 #C4 E4 #F4 #G4 B4.
(D Amara) D3 / A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5.

Rich overtone
Very layered feeling
Obvious bass and midrange.

This is a self-developed overtone steel tongue drum based on a handpan, with a base note and an octave overtone. The bulging middle note was designed to imitate the ding note of handpan, so that users with handpan playing and learning experiences can get used to it more quickly. It can be played in the same way as a handpan, either as an octave or both. The design is patented in the EU (Patent No. 008199368-0001) and in the USA (Patent No. US D944886 S). The drum is only 14 inches in size which is much easier to carry and play than a handpan.
Patent Certificate
US Patent No:US D944886 S          EU Patent NO:008199368-0001
High-quality steel tongue drum, made by Hluru
Hluru is a pioneer in the ethereal drum industry. We insists on only making high-quality steel tongue drums and selecting high-quality raw materials. After manual craftsmanship and attention to detail processing, it has won the trust and recognition of consumers with excellent quality, and has become one of the excellent steel tongue drum manufacturers in the industry.
The characteristic of wood and timbre

It is made of stainless steel. It is standard tonality D minor, which is consistent with the principle of handpan drum; The overtone design of steel tongue drum, with long continuous sound, clear overtone and clear timbre, has opened a new chapter of Chinese steel tongue drum.
Recommended for people

This handpan drum is the best choice for professional players. The new steel drum design and black-and-white color make people bright. When playing, the drum sound is harmonious and stable, which makes people relax their mind, and feel the cosmic sound of forgetting things, and the unity of body and mind.
Series description

Overtone design of steel drum
A pitch and a corresponding octave are set in a sound area, and the timbre is biased towards the timbre of the handpan.
Ding drum bag design
It retains the handpan Ding drum package design and the feel of the handpan.
Beginners can continue to use the clapping technique of handpan.
Manual weaving rope
This product is presented with a manual weaving rope. The edge has been welded with U-shaped rubber strip. With rattan weaving, the welded part can not be seen.

Gross Weight

Inner Box Size

Outer Box Size
(3 pcs per carton)


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