Travels丨My Dream Trip with Ethereal Drum in Okinawa, Japan


In this comfortable period, what makes most lives alive is the poem of music, which is mixed with the ups and downs of life. The charm of music is to make a period of ordinary travel more colorful. Life needs to start a journey in a different way, and music is the best way.

In order to give myself a chance to relax, I took my favorite musical instrument-the ethereal drum to Okinawa, Japan, and went on a walk-and-go trip.

During this trip, I didn't worry too much. I didn't think about whether I had enough money or not. After the trip, my life would become more demanding. What I think is that this time I want to show myself and fully enjoy this simple and relaxing trip.


When you walked out of the customs at Naha Airport, the hot air rushed into your face, which also has a lot to do with Japan's geographic location. In the afternoon, when I walked to a commercial street in Okinawa, Japan, the lights exudes beautiful light and shadow, and the streets are lined with various shops and people come and go.

Going forward, just to see a young man playing with a guitar, some people are close to listen, some people continue to walk forward. When I heard this wonderful music, I was extremely excited, and I felt a sense of old-fashioned knowledge from a different country.


After he finished playing a piece of music, he took out the ethereal drum from his backpack and played an ensemble with him in the commercial street of Okinawa. The two instruments did not conflict with each other, but added a special charm.

There are more and more people watching. This is a very incredible thing. During the performance, I feel that I have truly integrated into the city, releasing my most primitive and purest self, without any distractions, and all emotions. Incorporate into the music. I blend in with the strangeness, curiosity, excitement, and intoxication of a new city.


After returning from this trip, many things during the trip have been forgotten, but the one that will never be forgotten is the experience of playing music in Okinawa Shopping Street in Japan. Although there were no lights and no stage equipment during the performance, there was music at this time, and everything around became a beautiful picture.

A good musical instrument is definitely not a burden in the process of traveling, but a tool to make a journey different. In the past, traveling was to see the scenery with eyes and stay with the camera, but now it is to feel the scenery with the musical instrument.


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