HLURU whale deep ocean plate beech new 21keys kalimba
HLURU rounded plate black walnut 21keys kalimba
HLURU whale deep ocean plate beech new 21keys kalimba

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Bright and clear timbre Moderate volume and sustain.

This model is a creative plate kalimba made from a mixture of wood and resin, inspired by the "deep occean". To ensure the sound, hluru engineers designed the keys in the wood part instead of the resin part to avoid the sound absorbing by resin and losing the sound from the wood itself, the design has own the design patents from the US(Patent No.: US D963034 S) and The EU (Patent No.: 008311799-0005).
Patent Certificate
US Patent No:US D963034 S          EU Patent NO:008311799-0005
Chase the melodies in the nature
Precious sound flows through the heart
Kalimba originates from Africa, as a kind of portable musical instrument. Let music accompany you and please your physical and mind.
Hluru creates the high-end Kalimbas via superior American Walnuts to chase the melodies around in the nature.

The characteristic of wood and timbre

Combined with the innovative technology of log and resin, its phonological effect is no less than that of wooden plate kalimba. Because it is mounted on the log and has beautiful appearance and bright timbre. Compared with acrylic material, this kind of kalimba has better continuous sound and stable resonance.

Recommended for people

This resin kalimba is the best choice for the appearance-oriented players. The appearance of its body is nice in color. It is combined with high-quality resin and log, which makes people fall in love at first sight. When playing, the sound of kalimba is beautiful and more vivid.

Series description

Unique logs and resins·clear and melodious

Innovative combination of Hluru log and resin

Hluru chooses the high-end epoxy resin which stands for better plasticity anti-compression strength. The elegant kalimba owns bright and clear sound and pleasant lingering sound.

Gross Weight

Inner Box Size

Outer Box Size
(20 pcs per carton)


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