"The sound moves with the heart, enjoy it." This has always been the philosophy of the Hluru kalimba. To create kalimba with distinctive appearance and pleasing sound, HLURU strictly controls all aspects of material selection, design and craftsmanship. The wood is carefully selected and manufactured by rigorous selection, and the unique and outstanding tone is achieved by the "wet treatment" and "vacuum drying". The veneer top makes the sound more pure and full, the tone transmission more rapid, and its special articulation hole makes the tone even and high fidelity, the sound is clear when playing. The series of kalimba have been widely noticed and praised at home and abroad, and its unique tuning  LOGO has become the representative symbol of high-quality kalimba.
HLURU Kalimba
HLURU Kalimba, meet ethereal, just for a better you
Flat Kalimba / Hollow Klimaba /Mini Kalimba
Hollow Klimaba
HLURU Sun round hole
17 key three-in-one board kalimba

Flat Kalimba
HLURU Deep Sea
Blue Whale 21 key Gauntlet kalimba
Mini Kalimba
HLURU My Neighbor Totoro
Round Ear Mini 8 key kalimba


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