The Kongling Drum is a new type of national musical instrument designed and created by Luru Musical Instruments, and its copyright patent is held by Luru Musical Instruments. At present, the ethereal drum series has developed eight-tone, eleven-tone, thirteen-tone, fifteen-tone and other sound range products, which are carefully crafted with unique materials such as titanium steel, steel-titanium alloy, and copper-containing steel. The ethereal drum LOGO is composed of elements of ancient style and Chinese style. It is full of classical charm and makes people fall in love at first sight. At the same time, it fully reflects the craftsmanship and ingenuity of national musical instruments. The ethereal drum is a musical sculpture that integrates the ideological essence of Chinese millennium philosophy, religion, culture, art, music, and Chinese studies, and integrates modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design.
HLURU Ethereal drum
HLURU Ethereal drum, meet ethereal, just for a better you
Titanium steel
HLURU  Conventional paint
14 inch 15 tone D tone
Carbon steel
Huashu Lotus Drum
Upgraded 8 Tone 8 Inch F Tone

Copper-bearing steel
HLURU  Butterfly drum
15 inch 14 tone C
Steel titanium alloy
HLURU  Triangle drum
13 tone 12 inch C tone


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