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About Us

Hluru musical instruments is a company specializing in the production and sales of steel tongue drums, kalimba, handpan, lyra and other musical instruments, with a total production plant area of over 5,000 square meters and an annual revenue of more than 70 million. Committed to producing the best quality musical instruments for the world, our products are well sold in domestic and international markets and got a great reputation by our customers. Through the good cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, we have gradually improved the scientific management system, strict commodity inspection system, and equipped with an excellent after-sales service team. We welcome all the new and old customers to negotiate!
After several years of development, Hluru musical instruments have received a high reputation and brand influence in the industry, and the products and services have been highly praised by all kinds of users, including beginners and professionals. We promote the research and development of products through aommunicating with music artists, and carry out meticulous sales and service activities supported by a nationwide sales network of companie.
Our Service

Our company has a perfect service system and quality assurance system, the company insists on the service principle of "all for the user", and has specially established a professional technical service team. The customer service center will take the responsibility of technical support and customer service work, and solve the user's problems at any time.

We are committed to building high-quality musical instruments and focus on creating high-quality products for our customers. We have mature experience in making musical instruments and perfect instrument equipments, and will provide professional, environmental friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services to better protect the safety of your goods. We look forward to your inquiry and hope to have a chance to cooperate with you.
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The voices you don’t know are here

Hold your breath and listen to your voice

Rejecting boring single noises, in the world of music, Lu Ru will comprehensively analyze the wonderful experience of the intersection of sound, vibration, and frequency, and cast it into it. The profound cultural background coupled with beautiful and dynamic music allows you to swim in endless audio-visual Find the truest self in the world
Pay attention to every process of musical instrument making

Musical instruments are like children, they need to be cared for

In the performance, perhaps everyone’s playing methods are the same, but in the production, we have devoted all our efforts to the production of each instrument, using emotion to absorb every inch of the instrument. Just like the sound of Tianlai's singing, each instrument can resonate with the deep self in the soul. At the same time, we also try our best to perfect every detail, so that the instrument and the note can achieve the perfect fit.
Two-pronged approach of craftsmanship and technology

So every instrument is almost perfect

In terms of technology, we use the smelting copper infiltration process and the high-oxygen carbon reduction process to make the sound of the instrument more excellent. The materials use copper, copper steel, carbon and other materials to enhance the texture of the instrument itself. In the process, we always use manual tuning to make the tone of the instrument more pure and more pleasant.

Details are particularly important, but there are more than details

Details determine quality, optimization represents transcendence

The materials used in the production process are very important. In the selection of materials, we will make suitable materials for each musical instrument. At the same time, because we pay attention to the quality of wood, we will regularly check the quality of the wood when selecting the wood manufacturer. Wood that is more suitable for musical instruments. In addition to details, we also pay more attention to innovation and win customers' favor with better products and prices.
Ethereal sound experience

Every kind of music that resonates with nature and soul has appeared

Andrew said when using the hluru instrument that I felt the resonance of nature and the environment. Whether the tone of an instrument is beautiful or not depends not only on the final modification of the instrument tone by the tuner, but also on the influence of the player. The former can adjust all the tones of the instrument to the correct tone, and the latter gives the purest soul of the sound. When playing, I believe you can also hear the resonance of nature and soul
The world is ringing the sound of hluru instrument

We are developing in more and more countries

Our musical instruments are being sold to the world, including Europe, North America, South America and Asia. We not only sell musical instruments to buyers, but also send them to our carefully selected expert dealers.
April Yang
Lin Xiao
Adrian Portia
Jade butterfly
Hou Xuannan
Artist-April Yang
Well-known Kalimba performer
Yang Abao, a kalimba lover, has learned music since childhood and is good at a variety of musical instruments. Since 2016, he has released his kalimba performance and playing videos on YouTube and other online platforms, and has been loved by the majority of netizens. Representative works (The truth that you leave (Kalimba)''.
Works Video
Artist-Lin Xiao
Well-known instrumentalist
Lin Xiao, an independent musician and hand-disc artist, is good at a variety of musical instruments; he started to form a band in 2005 to participate in various types of performances. Since 2017, he has been exposed to hand-discs and steel tongue drums and has a strong interest in these new types of instruments.

Works Video
Artist-Adrian Portia
Famous Australian music producer
Famous Australian music producer
Works Video
Artist-Jade butterfly
Famous performer on YouTube
Jade Butterfly: "I came into contact with the ethereal drum from the occasional opportunity, and since then I have been attracted by the melodious and ethereal sound of the ethereal drum. The melodious and ethereal tone of the ethereal drum allows me to enter an extremely peaceful state and listen to the voice of my soul.
Works Video
Well-known handpan performer
Flamingo Record Artist, Steel Tongue Drum & Hand Disc Co-Artist
Works Video
Artist-Hou Xuannan
Well-known handpan performer
Hou Xuannan music composer, well-known hand disc player
Works Video
Well-known Kalimba performer
Official Kalimba player of the Witch's Kalimba Association -a piano major -Lala class  Kalimba Instructor -Elementary school  ukulele instructor -Participate in the 2021.5 KOREA Kalimba Concert
Works Video
Well-known Kalimba performer
-Official Kalimba player of the Witch's Kalimba Association -3 Kalimba tracks released in 2021 <Star of Seoul> <a Walk at night> <Little Fluttering> -Participate in the 2021.5 KOREA Kalimba Concert
Works Video
Co Artist
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Customized, wholesale production, exclusive high-end instrument making
OEM custom made
Steel tongue drum customization
Kalimba customization
Package customization
Logo and package customization
Our company is a professional musical instrument R&D company, which supports the OEM of all products on the market, such as steel tongue drum, kalimba, and lyre. We can also provide technical development support and create exclusive customization (patent application is available) according to the needs of customers.
Factory Video Introduction
Factory Photo
From materials, research and development, tuning and other aspects of production, Hluru musical instruments insisit on standardized management, retaining the original hand-made parts. The headquarters tuning director has more than ten years of tuning experience. Our products have a strong cost-performance.
Exhibition Video
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